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Actors arrive in Keswick for spring shows

8 actors have arrived in Keswick to start rehearsals for a new adaptation of the Hugh Walpole epic novel Rogue Herries. It is to be staged at the Theatre by the Lake and will run from Saturday the 23rd March through until the Saturday the 20th April. Walpole described his novel as being in love with Cumberland, and what is clear from his writing is is passion for the landscape of the Lakes.

The actors taking part in the production wanted to experience this beloved county of Walpole’s for themselves so have gone on a whistle stop tour of the surrounding beauty spots. The took advantage of the fantastic 360° view from Keswick’s Crow Park to get a sense of grandeur of their surroundings, generally considered to be one of the best places in the Lakes to admire the beautiful landscape, you can see Skiddaw in the north ans Catbells and Derwent water to the south.

Andrew Vincent, who will take the lead role of Francis ‘Rogue’ Herries, has said that it is very rare to be given the opportunity of working somewhere that is so beautiful, and as the landscape plays such as important role in the story, it is great to get out and see the real thing as opposed to just looking at pictures. He added that is was simply impossible to stay inside with this view right outside the door.



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