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Afternoon tea with Ringtons at Lake District hotels

The branded tea Ringtons will now be available to warm the guests at all of the Lake Districts distinctive hotels. The company has been given permission and awarded the contract, that allows them to supply their specialty tea to Armathwaite Hall, a four-star hotel located on the shoreline of Bassenthwaite Lake, Keswick overlying the beautiful view of the lake and offering the most exceptional customer service to all of their guests.

Ringtons has been known to already supply the hotel with their filter coffee and coffee beans, but has now been granted the ability and received the okay to start supplying them with tea envelopes and loose tea bags which have all been packed and brewed at the manufacturing plant in Newcastle.

The department head, Stephan Drysdale, stated that, “We are extremely pleased that Armathwaite Hall, our long time partner, and accepted to supply our teas to their hotel as well.” Armathwaite Hall is a great example of what we aim for in establishing relationships with these top businesses dealing with hospitality as it gives good feedback as to the quality of our products.

The beverage and food manager at Armathwaite Hall, David Collins, said, “All of us here at Armathwaite Hall are excited to bring to our inventory the envelope teas and loose teas that Ringtons supplies. We look to bring to our guests the best quality possible, it is important for us to gain their acceptance and thanks to some of Ringtons high-quality and great product range they have our complete trust and confidence.”

Dating clear back to the eleventh century, Armathwaite Hall is known to have accessible some of the most amazing surroundings and the clear and beautiful view across the lake of Bassenthwaite.




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