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The beauty of the Lake District in autumn

With the copious amounts of native deciduous trees that spend their days gradually rusting, boasting shades of brown, gold and red it is no surprise that an autumn trip to the Lake District is nothing short of breath taking.

One of the most popular areas to sit back, relax and embrace the surroundings is Derwentwater that has an area on the eastern shore where visitors can sit and take in the vast lake with the shimmering waters and beautiful reflection of Brandelhow Wood opposite.

Apart from the beauty of the scenery there is also the fact that autumn is foraging season which allows visitors a high chance of catching a glimpse of a native red squirrel around conifers at Whintlatter Forest Park, Dodd Wood or Keswick to Threlkeld railway path. There is also the chance to grab some juicy brambles along hedgerows and other wooded areas that are home to some of the finest conkers.

During autumn there are a variety of agricultural shows which as part of tradition would be where all the fun started once the harvest had been collected, these stretch through the various valleys and scattered villages throughout the county with one of the most famous being the World Gurning Championship held in Egremont which consists of contestants attempting to outdo opponents by making the most peculiar face in the world.

The Biggest Liar Competition is a serious contender in the list of Britain’s Wackiest Festival which is open to everyone apart from politicians and lawyers who are deemed as professional liars and it wouldn’t be fair if they entered. Well known comedienne Sue Perkins, staff and locals have made up past winners.



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