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Boat tours in the Lake District

Renowned for its sparkling waters and luxurious scenery is the Lake District, and if you are taking your own boat then it is even easier to arrange a tour of the waters, however if you don’t have your own boat but enjoying being in charge on the waters then there is an array of rental services that more than happily hire out boats as well as lead guided tours.

For a self guided adventurer a canoe or kayak is easily the best option and in Windermere it is easy to hire one for as little as the daily rate of 12 pounds. The beauty of a canoe is that you can travel at your own pace taking in the beautiful surroundings as well as stopping off at some of the natural islands in the heart of the lakes and there is an abundance of hotels down on the waterfront so if getting up and canoeing sounds appealing then this could be the ideal combination.

Canoes aside there are also full sized vessels that are also readily available to hire from the Coniston Boating Centre however the centre tends to close due to bad weather so it would be a wise idea to check the centre is open before getting too excited about a trip out. Maybe a motor boat powered by electricity is more your thing and you can hire one for the day for two people for approximately 90 pounds.

Also there are a variety of luxurious cruises around the lakes for those seeking a relaxing guided tour. The cruises start from Ambleside, Bowness, Lakeside and Windermere so wherever your hotel is within the Lake District there is a cruise that can pick you up relatively close to where you’re staying. The price of a full day cruise including the full border of the lake costs a mere 12 pounds, or an impressive 33 pounds for the family.


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