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Castlerigg Stone Circle at Keswick in the Lake District

If you have small children and are looking to amuse them in the Lake District without going to a lot of trouble, here’s an idea that will go down a treat and requires very little effort. Take a trip to Castlerigg Stone Circle in Keswick, ignore the history, forget the mystery and treat the wow factor scenery with disdain, all you need is a few kids and you have a rip roaring game of hide and seek.

The hardest bit will be getting them out of the puddles which seem to constantly be screaming out to be jumped in. Wellies are a must here, as all regulars to the Lakes will already know, and a change of clothes are also advised when having a day out here. Once out of the car park you are only a couple of minutes from the stone circle itself, and then the fun begins.

Between hide and seek there is some easy climbing and bouldering fun to be had, and once you have really got the hang of it the hide and seek can get very complex. Due to the lay out of Castlerigg the hiders can easily move from stone to stone without being seen, and the seekers become increasingly perplexed. This can go on for hours with hiders becoming ever more inventive, and seekers ever more frustrated.

A good tip if you are intending to enjoy days out such as this with the family is to invest in a good backpack. They are comfortable, capacious and so much easier than organising numerous little bags and trying to keep up with what is in each. Okay, dad may end up feeling like a packhorse but as long as the rest of the family are having a whale of a time, that’s all that matters really.



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