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The Castlerigg Stone Circle in the off season

The Castlerigg Stone Circle is a monument that can be seen in almost any art gallery in Lakeland. Of course, these are only pictures of it, and in real life, it is an incredible sight. This is a very popular tourist destination, and it can get very busy, especially during the holiday months. For this reason, it can be best to visit when the area is less busy, and finding some time to go in the off-season is well worth it, as you get a better sense of the atmosphere of the place.

A town that is also in the National Park and is nearby is Coniston. This is located west of Windermere, and was the site of Donald Campbell’s water speed record attempt. He died attempting to break the water speed record, and his honour lives on in the town. For those who want to visit the lake, there are many good places to base yourself in this town, and visiting the lake can be a fascinating experience.

If you’re interested in doing some hiking, then basing yourself in this town can be a good idea. You find that there are many good hikes nearby, and there will be plenty of information about the different tracks that you can take in the surrounding area. Visiting the Western Lake District is going to be a wonderful experience because you will find that it is somewhat isolated from the major tourist centres.

This adds a great deal of appeal to visiting the area, and you will find that the hiking trails are less busy, and you’ll be able to enjoy a more peaceful time away. TheLake Districtcan get very busy in the summer months, so do consider visiting a less touristy part of the lakes in order to get the peace and quiet you probably want if you are choosing to holiday here.


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