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Compelling Lakeland view causes problems for motorists

There is a view in Lakeland in the Lake District that is so compelling that it gets drivers into a heap of trouble. The area near the Cat Bells, with its lower slopes culminates with a white house which overlooks the area. It causes such a mesmerizing effect on many drivers that some have been prone to veer off the road unexpectedly.

This place between Portinscale and Grange-in-Borrowdale is almost foreboding because of the beauty that can be seen as a driver rolls up and down the hills. A beauty that seemingly surrounds drivers at every turn can be intoxicating, so keeping their eyes on the road takes some degree of determined concentration.

It is best for drivers to find places to park so they can get out, take a stroll around and enjoy the surroundings safely. All who visit find this location within the Lake District to be enchanting, leaving long-lasting memories of their visit.

A simple house built in the area back near the turn of the century in 1902 by Percy Wither, a poet of the day, was put up for sale in 2000 for £1.2 million. The house sale included Otter Island where free range geese waddled around and mallard swam.

One remembered local son in history is Rupert Johnson. He used to play in the local woods and take advantage of all the crags and other interesting things he could find on his route which would change every time. The water sometimes would ripple in the distance as he ran around.

People who take a visit to this area can cross over the Chinese bridge and get around over the marsh underfoot by use of duckboards. At the top of the lake, there is a sign that reads “Rupert’s Wood” just in case it was unclear. The lake runs from where Lodore Hotel stands down to Hawes End and is an attractive walk to take.

What happened to Rupert Johnson? Sadly, he didn’t survive the wounds he received during the Battle of El Alamein over in Egypt during World War II and died aged just 28. He is now buried at the British military cemetery over in Alexandria. In addition to the sign at the woods, Rupert Johnson is remembered at the Stonethwaite church with a plague.


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