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Cranleigh Hotel voted most romantic hotel by TripAdvisor

With Valentine’s day just a a couple of weeks away, TripAdvisor has just named The Cranleigh hotel, located on Bowness-on-Windermere as the most romantic hotel to lodge in the country. One can secure a room for the night at the Cranleigh hotel for only £85 and it was also ranked third amongst the most romantic hotels in the world.

The hotel has 16 rooms of different sizes, each of them uniquely decorated, and a pair of extravagant suites named, The Sanctuary and The Hideaway. The Sanctuary is a secluded private bungalow that has under floor heating, high ceilings, marble tiles, mood lighting, a glass bath, sound speakers, and a gaudy bed with an 8 foot headboard. The furniture in the suite is handmade, Egyptian cotton bedding, a goose down stuffed duvet and a couples’ hot tub in the private outdoor compound.

The Hideaway on the other hand has a secluded lounge area which has a 50’ plasma TV, free access to the internet, and a station to dock your iPod. The Hideout is a new suite set to be open in 2 months and it has been described as the ideal room for couples. Its features will include a wellness room, cinema, bedroom, kitchen, and a lounge area.

The owner of the hotel, Stephen Hargreaves said that he found out that they had won the award on Sunday from a lady on the phone who told him that she was calling from TripAdvisor. He said that at first, he believed it was bad news, but then she went on to say that they had been ranked third amongst the world’s most romantic hotels.

The lady from TripAdvisor went on to explain that it had do with the good ratings their customers’ had given the hotel that helped to boost their score. Mr. Hargreaves went on to say that about 25 couples who stay at the Sanctuary suite get engaged every year.

He and his wife took over the hotel 6 years ago when it was still a two star hotel and spent over 4 years trying to manage and market it. The couple says that they have always welcomed TripAdvisor even though most hoteliers find it quite challenging to do so.



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