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New distillery in the Lake District launches founders club

The first new whisky distillery to open in the Lake District for over a century is now giving consumers the opportunity to own some of the first bottles of whisky it will produce, along with a host of other discounts and special offers for a once only payment of £595. The Lakes Distillery is setting aside the first 100 casks that are produced every year are to be put to one side for the exclusive use of their founders club members.

Paul Currie, the founder of the Lakes Distilery and also the co-founder of Scotland’s Isle of Arran distillery, has said this is a fantastic opportunity, and that he was confident the whisky they would be producing would be amongst the worlds finest for many reasons.

He went onto say that the water they were using flowed from a natural source at Sprinkling Tarn, one of the most beautiful in Cumbria, and it was rich in peat from running through the Scarfell Pike foothills, and this would give their whisky both depth and its unique flavour. Mr Currie added that if you combined this with the air purity in the Lake District you had the perfect raw ingredients from which to distil whisky.

The new distillery, which will cost £2.5m, is being built on the edge of Bassenthwaite Lake, on the site of a disused Victorian Farm, and will be within the boundaries of the National Park itself. This area was rich in the 1800’s with the production of illicit whisky and this was due to the abundance of rivers and the hilly terrain in the area.

The old farm buildings are to contain 2 still which will have a rather small 3.500l capacity, but these have been designed this way to produce a whisky that is lighter than many of its peers. Mr Currie is being joined at the distillery by Alan Rutherford, the former whisky aficionado from Diageo, and he will be overseeing the production.


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