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Exploring the country houses in and around the Lake District

If you are visiting Cumbria, especially the Lake District, then you are going to be rewarded with the opportunity to visit some of the most notable houses in the country. If you’ve travelled round the UK much before you will probably associate notable homes with stately homes, which are incredibly grand. At these homes you usually have to walk-through are prescribed set of rooms and won’t have much opportunity to explore.

The difference about the homes in Cumbria is that they are generally on a smaller scale when compared to the stately home seen elsewhere. Instead of being led around a house on a special carpet where you are not allowed to touch anything, you will really get a better experience of what living in one of these phones in the past was actually like.

Many of the homes located in the Lake District are not owned by English Heritage or the National Trust which does have certain advantages. With properties that are owned by the two previously mentioned bodies, everything often seems to be perfect.

The furniture will have been restored and items will be placed on surfaces which are authentic to the era, but just seem a bit artificially placed. With a privately owned house you will find that everything seems a bit more real as the original belongings will be left in place, and not organised to perfection which just seems unrealistic.

One of the most notable destinations to visit in Cumbria is Muncaster Castle. This is an ancient site and it is estimated that the buildings in the area have roots dating back to the Roman times. You will find incredible rooms here with high ceilings and grand furniture that will fascinate children just as much as it will adults. There is also an Owl Centre here which will particularly appeal to children.


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