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Famous photographer opens workshop in the heart of the Lakes

An expert in fine art photography has now set up a workshop right in the very heart of a forest in the Lake District to teach visitors of the joy of traditional photography using film. Steven Taylor has over 37 experience under his belt and has opened his Alchemist’s Wokshop at the Grizedale Forest Visitor’s Centre. This will enable him to share his passion for film photography with those who may never have used a traditional film camera.

As Steven says, most photography these days is digital and we look at an image on the screen to make sure we like it whereas we should be focussing more in the print as the object and discovering the satisfying process of creating our own print.

Steven, who has been both a Lancaster University photography lecturer and a photographer in residence in Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre, has created his own traditional workshop within the workshop and in here he can teach people how they develop their own prints using traditional materials and techniques.

Steven’s passion for his art is clear when he talks about his new project, emphasising how exciting the whole process is and likening it to a kind of magic as you watch the image appearing. He says he called it The Alchemist’s Workshop as he sees the whole process as very similar to alchemy and he believes that those who favour digital photography can learn a lot and improve their skills by experiencing what goes on in a darkroom.

As well as running the traditional photography classes in Grizedale forest, and selling some of his own work, Steven is also hiring out and selling refurbished cameras that were the big thing in the 60’s and 70’s; the Olympus Trip 35. They were advertised on television by David Bailey, the most renowned photographer of the time and everyone wanted one.

Steven says that this one of the most iconic cameras ever and that they are refurbishing them with a colourful and funky trim to make it more contemporary and bring it into the 21st century. People can hire them for the day at Grizedale go off and take their photos then come back and develop them themselves which is going to be exciting stuff for anyone who loves photography.



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