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Famous writers who sought inspiration from the beautiful Lake District

Cumbria is the most north-westerly county in England and it is the home of the country’s most famous national park, the Lake District. Many people regard this as being one of the most beautiful places in the entire country and people come from all over the world to hike around its incredible scenery.

It is a particularly popular holiday destination for people who enjoy hiking as well as biking and climbing. It is not just outdoor activities that the area is known for, and many of England’s most notable people have spent time here.

One of the most notable people is the children’s author, Beatrix Potter. She has spent a great deal of time during her childhood in this part of the country and was often visiting with her family.

It is thought that much of the inspiration for her books came from the adventures that she had here as a child. Later in her life she used some of the money that she had gained from selling books in order to buy stock in the area and became an active member of the National Trust.


When she died in 1943 she gave a great deal of the land that she owned in the national park to the National Trust. Many of the illustrations that were a part of her books were based on scenes that can be seen in the Lake District, so if you are coming here and are interested in literature, then you might be keen to see some of these famous sites.

William Wordsworth also has a connection to the area and he was known to live in it for some time. It is thought that most of his best work was actually writtens when he was here.


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