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Festival Town offers delights for all ages

In the past, when cattle were driven to London they would pass by Ulverston, an old-fashioned market town. Ulverston claim to fame is the fact that comedian Stan Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy fame, was born here and a brass structure of the duo was erected in the town in recognition. People have come from all over the world to see the statue as well as the only Laurel and Hardy Museum all over the world.

Festival Town of Cumbria is the name given to modern day Ulverston, since it has three major festivals each year. Parades having floats, bands and dancing troupes are found in the month of July producing a great atmosphere for residents and visitors.

In September, the town hosts another festival known as Charter festival, which goes on for several weeks having different entertainment. Coronation Hall has several dances and other competitions take place in other venues in the town and at the end of the festival people make fancy lanterns, meet at the town center and take part in the lantern parade where there is a fireworks display to mark the end of the festival.

The final festival, known as the Dickensian Weekend, is held at the end of November. The festival is a preliminary which ushers in the Christmas shopping period in the town centre , during the whole weekend people walk all over the town center dressed in Dickensian costume.

The theme of the festival is strictly Dickensian, and there are barrel organs, fun acting and an abundance of mulled wine. This is a weekend in which the residents as well as visitors have a lot of fun as well as enjoying buying Christmas presents for their friends and family.



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