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Fun on the water in the Lake District

Northern ¬†England’s Lake District is one of the country’s greatest attractions, offering a wonderland of beautiful lakes, rivers and scenic hills that calls to the adventurous and perhaps even more strongly to those who need a peaceful break from cities and stress. Thanks to the foresight and care of local communities as well as national agencies, the Lakes retain much of the natural splendour and serenity that has surrounded them for centuries.

That said, visitors should be aware that high-speed power boats, jet skis and such are generally prohibited, except in certain designated areas in some lakes. For the most part you’ll find sail boats, canoes, kayaks and small electric boats are the preferred modes of travel on the water. In fact if you love sailing on small craft there is no better spot anywhere in England than the Lake District, with Windermere and Derwent water high on the list of¬† possibilities.

Windermere is the largest lake in England, making it a favourite for many British holiday-makers as well as a top tourist attraction. Its size and the glorious scenery that borders its shores invite day sailors to a perfect getaway, and here you will also find more of the amenities geared to boaters. The city of Ambleside is chock full of visitor accommodations, an ideal home base for water-oriented activities.

South Windermere Sailing Club, at the ‘quiet’ end of the lake, has everything a sailor could ask. The clubhouse and boating facilities are outstanding, and there are experts on hand offering lessons for the novice and advanced courses for veteran sailors, plus races in every category all through the year.

On Derwent water the town of Keswick is the main centre of activity, with plenty of hotels and cottages available to visitors as well as a lovely marina offering boat facilities and instruction for any level of sailing expertise. For non-sailors the options are equally enticing; the mountains around Derwent water are ideal for trekking and biking, and the scenery is magnificent.





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