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New fund worth £6.9m will see huge improvements made in the Lake District over the next 3 years

A new fund has been allocated by the GoLakes Travel society which is a local tourism board for Lake District. The new programme will see £6.9 million being pumped into the region over the next three years to improve the eco-friendly transportation methods which includes an incentive for cars that have a low emission amount, along with some public transport improvements.

The goal is to protect the environment around Lake District, which will increase the chance that tourists will want to visit the region. Over 11,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are going to be saved by 2015, according to studies being run. This money will also help create an additional 100 jobs in the area.

Right now, over 8 million tourists come to Lake District on a yearly basis and studies show that they typically drive for around 50 miles while they are here. This new scheme will focus on the type of travel that they accomplish, attempting to cut down the amount of driving being done by 7% by the year 2015. To do this, GoLakes Travel is going to focus on concepts like green transport, low emission, and expanding cycleways. More bus stops will also be added along with electric charging stations on the bike ways.

The Department of Transport is a partner with GoLakes Travel to see this money invested properly and the results achieved. Cumbria County Council will also help along with Cumbria Tourism in the hope to bring more jobs and travellers to their regions.

According to Richard Greenwood, the head of Cumbria Tourism, these kind of improvements will ensure that these results will be reached in a decent amount of time, providing exactly what the region needs in order to create new jobs, promote tourism and bring a greener environment.



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