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The grand houses near the Lake District

There are many grand houses located throughout the general Cumbria and Lake District area and each has its own significant character. Many of these homes actually started out as small castles and served as buffers between English towns and the medieval land of Scotland.

Some of the structures were actually nothing more than fortified towers that are now developed into farmhouses that spread across the eastern borders of England. Others have been renovated throughout the years and are now grand stone edifices. In addition, those who want to stay in Stately Homes can choose to hire out holiday cottages and have fun in the area.

Found close to Kendal is the Sizergh Castle which is a National Trust property worth viewing. It shares a common history with many of the Cumbrian houses as it started its life back in medieval times when it was used as a defensive tower.

During the 16th century the Strickland family turned it into a magnificent estate adding to its charm by putting on Victorian and Georgian periods. There is plenty to see within the grand home including the wide timbers, a medieval banquet hall, original weaponry, elaborate overmantles, four poster beds, and Elizabethan oak paneling.

Another great home is the Dalemain found near Ullswater. This is a smaller home but still substantial enough to make it worth touring. It is actually quite a surprise to most people who tour the home because the exterior is a Georgian shell that conceals the interior.

Inside you will find a medieval and Elizabethan mixture that when combined make for an amazing design. Some of the rooms have Chinese hand painted paper in them complete with a newel staircase, fretwork ceilings, and oak panelling that is typical of the Elizabethan period.


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