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Great bed and breakfasts in Ambleside

The Lake District is renowned for its vast array of lakes, mountains and rivers that make up the striking panoramic scenery, and it is rightly a favourite with tourists who enjoy awe-inspiring backdrops, but also to those who look for the best bed and breakfasts that offer an ideal place to rest their head.

Within the Lake District the town of Ambleside situated in Windermere is the key visitor centre in the region and for the sake of accessibility is usually the first choice to stay of many visitors the area although convenience does come at a price.

If you are trying to keep the cost accommodation low then why not try one of the eleven villages that surround Ambleside, where the rates will drop the further away from Ambleside you stay.

An alternative option would be to seek accommodation in areas that are a bit farther and might offer better rates per a night but still near enough to have a trip to the Lake District such as Carlisle or Kendal.

For visitors wanting to embrace the area and learn more about the history of Ambleside then perhaps the Hillsdale bed and breakfast would be a great stay offering walks of the surrounding village as part of a guided or tour, or maybe a boat tour of the neighbouring lakes is more your thing in which case a stay at the Beaumont House would be right up your street.

Always ensure you check out online pictures and reviews in order to find out the best bed and breakfast for your needs, as well as ensuring the accommodation is suitable for children and pets if applicable. This will also allow you to choose between the different shoreline views available although any place you choose will offer amazing views.



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