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The great outdoors

Whilst it has to be said the summer has been pretty poor weather wise, those who have a penchant for getting out and about aren’t worried about the odd storm. Walkers, hikers and even cyclists have still been making the most of their idea of the perfect holiday, and to all intents and purposes, the inclement weather actually adds to their enjoyment as it offers a bit more of a challenge.

The Lake District National Park is one of the best known areas in the UK for those whose idea of hell is sat beside a pool on the continent. As a whole, activity holidays have seen a huge resurgence of interest in recent times as more of us choose to holiday at home, and want more out of the precious times we spend with our kids before returning to the daily grind needed, more than ever, to put food on the table and pay the bills.

The Lakes, as they are affectionately called, offer every kind of activity you could think of. As well as those mentioned previously, there is horse riding, climbing and numerous water sports for those who want to be actually on the lakes instead of terra firma. With a great choice of accommodation available and miles of lush countryside to explore, it is easy to see why the Lake District is so popular, whether is be rain or shine.

If this kind of holiday really floats your boat, then check out what the Lake District has to offer. It has been billed as the ultimate destination for those who want to get as much out of their holidays as possible, as is a great way of spending quality time with your kids as opposed to packing them off to a kids club as you lie baking in the sun with a Sangria.



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