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Horse riding in the Lake District

One of the UK’s great Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the Lake District. Picture postcard village, expanses of beautiful waters and a tranquillity you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. As this is also one of the most popular areas of the UK to take a holiday, eco-awareness is also very important here, as the authorities want the clean, crisp air to stay that way and avoid pollution at all costs.

A great way of exploring the lakes without doing any damage to the environment is on horse back. The family run Murthwaite Green Trekking Centre is situated on the edge of the Lake District at Silecroft. This trekking and horse riding business was established back in 2002 by Phil and Cath Wrigley and they offer pony trekking and horse riding on the fells and beaches. The prime location of the centre gives visitors direct access to Silecroft Beach, with its golden sands stretching for 5 miles and edged by clear, shallow waters.

There is only a minimum amount of road riding through Silecroft to ensure the peace remains undisturbed. The beach rides accommodate all abilities whether you are a complete novice or a rider with experience. They pride themselves on their ‘happy horses’ who all live out in established herds through the summer and also enjoy grazing time in the winter. They believe this is vital for both the horses physical and mental well being as they are getting a chance to live as horses should and are not cooped up in stables all day.

Giving the horses time to roll, play, interact and groom as nature intended makes for a relaxed animal who is a pleasure to handle and ride. These in turn means that even the most nervous rider will be perfectly safe, giving them the chance to experience this exhilarating pastime in the best possible circumstances.






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