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John Ruskin in Brantwood

John Ruskin used to live in Brantwood, which is a property that looks over Coniston water, and here you will find a great deal of fantastic information about the Victorian thinker. In the house you will find a video about him, as well as several portraits, and many of his own drawings.

There are also several examples of period furniture in the house which have been kept preserved from his time occupying it. You will find that there are incredible views of the lake here, and these can be best enjoyed through a cafe that has been opened in the house.

This is not the only notable house in the area that it is possible for people to visit. If you are in Windermere, then it would be well worth visiting Townend, located at Troutbeck and this is a smaller property, but one that is particularly interesting. It was a yeoman’s house from the 17th century, and it is built in the vernacular style.

It has round chimneys, a white washed interior, and very small passages as well as a twisting staircase. Compared to the larger houses that are available, this is particularly interesting, as it is right at the other end of the spectrum.

Located nearGrasmereis Dove cottage. This is another 17th-century property that is particularly notable for being the home of William Wordsworth. It is rather similar to the property that is seen above, and was built in the same style. This place over the years saw many famous visitors, and today it is a museum that houses some very interesting information about Wordsworth.

You will find books, letters, memorabilia, and portraits, all of which makes visiting this place worthwhile. As the property is quite small, only a limited number of people are allowed in at one-time, so perhaps it would be best to visit when it’s not so busy.


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