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Keswick is the ideal base for exploring the Lake District

Keswick is the best place from which you can explore the Lake District. Be inspired by the majestic sight of the place, with a view of some of the tallest mountains in England and an access to nearby lakes, Keswick is offering a pretty promising tourist destination.

Keswick is located at the north of the Derwent Water and situated near Bassenthwaite Lake; both of these lakes can be found in the Lake District National Park. This area is well known for hiking and walking paths and all routes are linked to some of the notable places in the areas. Derwent is also popular for its water fun activities and some tourists enjoy the ride on its rapids. One cannot ignore the panoramic view of Keswick while travelling at the northern part of the town and you cannot resist falling in love with this place.

It is also the home of some of the world’s biggest conventions like the Keswick convention and the annual beer festivals. Marathon is also held during the month of May and the town is also hosting the Mountain Festival. Keswick is also the residence of Theatre by the Lake, which is a place for the premier repertoire and big festivals.

The mountainous landscape can be enjoyed by the cyclists by discovering the roads through the lakes. There are also passes that they can enjoy like the Whinlatter Pass, that enables the cyclist to test their skills by riding on its speedy descent and splendid climbs. Bikers can also challenge their self on the rock-strewn bridleway.

Keswick is a lively small town that is best suited for people searching for outdoor activities. There are plenty of house lodging, restaurants and souvenir shops, you don’t have to exert much effort, you will find the things that you need, and at a value that you can afford.


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