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A look at Keswick in the Lake District

Keswick is a small market-styled town located in the Lake District in the northern western part of the UK. The town is a home to approximately 5000 inhabitants at present, and is situated at a fairly small distance from the Bassenthewaite Lake. If you are planning on spending some quality time in Keswick, look no further and pack your bags now.

As depicted above, it has been around for ages and known as a market town, there has to be something different about it. The historical record reveals that Keswick was granted a Charter by the king Edward, during the middle or end of the 13th century. It had a small marketplace that would open for trading and regular business on weekends, especially on Saturdays.

Some say that only cheese was the main selling item of the market whereas others say that it was like a common market where buyers and sellers made deals for dietary items. The town has been preserved in its very form to the date and now there is a small department office that maintains records of finance arising out of tourism industry.

If you ever wondered when and where graphite pencils were first manufactured, you would be surprised to know that Keswick is the place where production of pencil was started in the sixteenth century. The manufacturer of the pencil company moved to across to Ireland in 2008 thus closing down its operations in Keswick.

Today, this place is thriving town for history explorers and tourists. Thousands of people visit the town each year, many of whom want to contribute in the economy by launching eateries, hotels, and restaurants. The annual beer festival takes place every June and is attended by over 6,000 people.



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