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The Lake District, not the Alps, but still spectacular

The Lake District is one of the smallest, yet most beautiful and attractive areas in the country. It is unspoiled by humans and it is the perfect place for rest and relaxation from your everyday life. Many people are tired of spending their holidays at busy cities; prefer visiting the Lake District in order to spend some time in a calm and solitary place.

The Lake District and the hills and mountains around it are relatively small when compared to other similar locations like the Alps, Pyrenees and Himalayas, but it is still one of the most majestic and beautiful places in Europe and anyone who has visited it, loves it. The highest point in the Lake District is Scafell Pike which tops at 3209 feet. It is not a very big place, but many walkers underestimate it and get lost, so remember to follow a map when visiting.

The weather conditions in these mountains aren’t very stable and they can quickly change, so be prepared for anything. This implies for the low points as well, so expect temperature falls and rain from nowhere.

If you are planning to go for a hike around the place, make sure to bring the proper equipment. There are many local gear shops where you can buy everything you need. Many of their owners are outdoor enthusiasts too, so ask them regarding the weather conditions and the equipment you should bring.

As it was mentioned earlier, the place can be quite confusing if you don’t orient well, so don’t get off the tourist tracks if you don’t know to read a map or use a compass. There are many local guides who will gladly take you and your friends around the mountain and show you the most beautiful spots. Booking a guide will greatly enhance the experience.



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