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The Lake District is the perfect place to escape from it all

If you fancy a luxury weekend away from it all, or simply a couple of days away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, then you will find no better place to recharge your batteries than the Lake District. With its stunning combination of majestic mountains and charming lakes, there is nothing not to like about the Lakes, and everything to embrace. There are loads to see and do, even if the weather isn’t great, and here are just a couple of the many activities available.

The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is a zoo like no other and it has a thrilling blend of animals that includes a unique line up of wildlife. The Oasis has been in business for 21 years now and is a hugely popular attraction, but far from resting on their laurels they have continued to expand to keep the visitors coming. You can get up close to many species including birds, butterflies and monkeys, and in the tropical halls you may even spot a bat or two.

While everyone wants to visit a zoo in good weather, the rain will not stop the enjoyment of the day as both the tropical halls and the butterfly house are fantastic indoor attractions. Price wise, you are looking at £8.95 for adults, £6.95 for seniors and, if you have let them tag along, £5.95 for children. A family ticket of 2 adults and 2 kids comes in at £24.95, and there aren’t many places these days you can entertain a family for less than £25.

If you want to explore the area but have someone else do the driving then the Bluebird Tours at Coniston are perfect for you. The comfortable mini bus takes you on exciting trip with regular stops and all in a bus that prides itself on its environmental friendliness. Once you have finished your tour there are plenty of little cafes to have a snack and chat about the wonderful scenery you have just been treated to.


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