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The Lake District is one of the UK’s most desirable National Parks

Located in the north-west part of England is the Lake District, which is one of the most remarkable National Parks in the UK. As might be revealed by its name, it is a place with many lakes, but also a huge number of mountains which have fantastic hiking. There are many notable towns in the area, all of which have excellent accommodation options for you to base yourself in while you do some hiking. Two of the most popular towns in the area are Kendall and Windermere.

In the Lake District, there are over 80 glacial lakes all of which are surrounded by incredible mountains, and many of which have been turned into vast reservoirs. Although there are many small lakes, there are 20 major bodies of water which have all been named, and deemed significant. If you want to see some of the most majestic lakes in the Lake District, then these are lakes that you should certainly make sure you visit.

One of the most notable hotels in the area is located right alongside Lake Windermere, located in Cumbria, which is one of the most famous lakes in the area. This hotel has four stars, and is a really high quality accommodation option for those who want to visit this part of the country and stay in comfort. The hotel is called the Lakeside Hotel and it is a perfect place to base yourself if you want to just go exploring in the Lakes, or do some hiking in the surrounding mountains.

Another particularly notable hotel, which is regarded as being one of the finest in the Lake District is the Linthwaite House Hotel, which was recognised in 2007 as being the best country house in the country. Its location is also spectacular, especially if you are interested in cycling, as there are numerous fantastic routes nearby.


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