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The lynx could be reintroduced to the UK in the Lake District

A wildlife expert has said that the Lake District will be a great place to reintroduce the lynx, which became extinct in the UK 700 years ago. A senior wildlife conservation lecturer at the University of Cumbria, Dr Roy Armstrong has said that the region would be a great place for the species to live.

He said that by reducing the population of Canada geed on Windermere, and the number of squirrels in the area, the cats would help increase the biodiversity of the region. He also said that the lynx and pine martens would help in bringing back the all-important natural balance that is needed here.

He said that the lynx is a gorgeous animal that feeds on small mammals on the ground such a roe deer and grey squirrels. This would increase the population of the native red squirrel. A special license was sought by the Lynx UK Trust, to allow them to introduce two breeding pairs of Eurasian lynx into the forest that is found on the west coast of Scotland. Research shows that 250 animals can live comfortable in the area.

According to Dr Armstrong, the animals are mainly found in Russia and Scandinavia, and naturally stay away from humans. He said that they would help boost tourism and went on to say that UK forests were better suited than the west coast of Scotland.

However, according to David Harpley, a conservation manager at Cumbria Wildlife Trust, more research is required in order to gauge the suitability of the area. He says that Lynx are woodland animals and stay within forests.

The fact that they stay away from humans is something that makes them less problematic as opposed to introducing predators such as wolves. He also said that they would need to go over the findings for any future release of these animals in Scotland, before considering this region.



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