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The natural beauty of the Lake District

Wherever you travel around the world there are great sights to take in because beauty exists everywhere in different shapes and forms. This said, most people will agree that landscape beauty usually consists of forests, water, mountains, grass, and unspoiled lands that have not been touched by humans (ie no building developments or factories with smoke stacks).

This said there are some great beauty spots spread throughout the world such as Switzerland’s Lac Leman where just about every sight looks like it could be a picture postcard. The same is true of the Norwegian Fjords.

It is hard to find these kinds of sights in England because it is hard to get away from the population centres in this country. Even though England was carved out by a Glacier it is just a series of land hills all the way until the South where the towns are still not made out of more than just ridges.

What does stand alone is the Lake District, which is undeniably the most beautiful area in all of England. Here you will find a series of mountains (that also happen to be the only mountains in England), 16 lakes, reservoirs, and many smaller tarns carved into the valleys. Due to its immense beauty the entire region is denoted as a national park and the tourist trade is thriving.

Outside of beauty, the area is also known for inspiring a handful of different poets and writers including Wordsworth who wrote the poem ‘The Daffodils’ about the Ulswater shores. Due to this fact he is actually buried near one of the lakes in the Town of Grasmere. Also from the Lakes District is the creator of Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter who once lived at the real Hill Top farm that is now a major tourist attraction.


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