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It’s official; British tourism is booming

Tourism in Britain is bustling, especially in the summer months when the sun is out, the rain abates and the best of Britain can be enjoyed. Recently, the services company Deloitte crunched the tourism numbers on behalf of Visit Britain, and determined that tourism in Britain is likely to grow annually by 3.8 percent, from £127bn annually to £257bn by 2025, being 10 percent of UK GDP at that stage.

It is expected that this will boost jobs connected with tourism by 11 percent and in so doing add 800,000 new jobs by 2025 spread across Britain. Notably, the growth is expected mostly to come from foreign visitors coming to the country, rather than British people travelling more themselves.

Of course, this is terrific news for employment in the UK. There are many tourist attractions spread out nationwide, rather than only centralised in major cities. Economic growth at any level is, of course, good news after several years of struggles in that area.

It has been some years since British travellers have spent less money abroad than foreign visitors spent in Britain. However, this does raise the troubling question of whether smaller holiday destinations like the Lake District, which cannot expand either quickly or easily, will cope with the expected increase in visitors.

The Lake District National Park Authority is tasked with the responsibility to create sustainable tourism in the region. Clearly they are doing a good job of it because they were recently given a Green Globe award in recognition of their success with sustainable tourism which minimised the damage to the local environment.

Other locations around Britain will do well to emulate the policies that the Lake District authority have successfully enacted in order to ensure that locations popular with tourists retain the unique attributes that brought the tourists there in the first place.


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