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Peace and relaxation await in the Lake District

The Lake District is renowned for its quiet sights, great landscapes and being one of the best locations to spend some relaxing days in. At this time of year it may even be quieter than usual, allowing you to watch the beauty of this location.

The silence and quiet beauty also adds to the atmosphere which brings a jaw-dropping sight to anyone who enjoys watching mountain peaks, still covered with snow, along with lakes still iced for many more months. And while the weather is still firmly in winter, why not get in a Cumbrian pub to spend a night by the fire, sleeping in late the next day.

In Lakeland, Helvellyn is particularly interesting because it has a rich history and tradition which speaks for itself. Located near the third tallest mountain peak in the region it gives you the best view around the area, granting you a great time to spend near this idyllic location.

The landscape around the region alone is enough to make you want to stay even longer, and the beautiful pictures you can bring back will show how wonderful the place is. If you like walking around, you can also bring back photos from all of the regions surrounding this town thanks to the many paths up the mountain.

Another great place to visit is Grasmere which was the home of William Wordsworth, well known across the country and having been born in this village. Now, this is a very commercial place with a lot of traditional shops and restaurants.

Spending a lunch here will leave you enough time to check out some of the best attractions of the region, namely the Rydal Mount and Dove Cottage. Just further off is also Langdale Pike, a great starting point for your visit of Lake District.



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