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Replenish your soul in Eskdale

Eskdale is a quiet, peaceful and beautiful glacial valley, located near the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England. With a scant population of 263 residents, it has become an ideal travel destination for those who love to rest in a region of absolute tranquility and peace, and even for those who avoid going to crowded places. Despite of presenting a quiet beauty, it has a number of fantastic places, pubs, bars, and restaurants service tasty food, wines, and ales for food lovers.

Replenish your soul and go face-to-face with exotic scenery out there. To add more fun in your trip, you should try to spend a few days in Lake District cottages from where you can go ahead for an extensive journey towards Eskdale and some exclusive adventurous establishments.

When you step into the main village you actually come to the place known for the King George IV, positioned in Eskdale green. The pub lost its prestige among passionate travelers a few years back due to the fact that the quality of food was not inline with the expectations of food lovers. Later it became popular once again under the supervision and patronage of a new management. Now it’s called the focal point of the valley, attribute a contemporary architecture with open fire, plain and glimmering slate floors, and magnificent oak ceiling. It features a self-catering Apartment called the King George Apartment which is around 8 steeps.

At the end of Eskdale green is a high-class Inn called The Bower House Inn, an exiting place for kids with a pleasant beer garden and small woods. The children can play in here very easily and enjoy exploring a garden which is as old as the 17 century.

These days, it combines exquisite hospitality, modern comfort, classy life-style, and up-to-date facilities for the customers such as Wi-fi and internet facilities. The food is being transported here from natural resources while ale is brewed freshly in a traditional way.



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