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Sailing the waters of the Lake District

The UK is blessed with many gorgeous lakes and rivers so it comes as no shock when looking at why

many people from around the globe would come to this country and spend their holiday money being afloat inside their sailboats and dinghies. With the perfect combination of sunshine and breeze it is easy to see why there are so many boats on British waterways.

The Lake District, home to some of the UK’s most beautiful lakes, is one of the most frequented areas when it comes to sailing. With places like Keswick and Ambleside sitting down right at the shores of Derwent Water and Windermere, you could quickly check yourself into your accommodation and get straight out onto the water.

Derwent Water will become your second home when you have a boat moored at the Derwent Water Marina. Located close to many of the key Keswick inns, Derwent Water Marina presents visitors an array of outdoor activities both on and off the water, ranging from mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking and, of course, sailing.

If you are considering cruising the waters of Derwent Water, Derwent Marina treats newbie wind surfers and sailors to beginner’s lessons for windsurfing and sailing. In addition they offer boat moorage should you want to bring your own boat along for your sailing holiday.

Windermere in the Lake District also provides a fantastic venue for boating and sailing. Surrounded with majestic views of rolling hills lined with eco-friendly shrubs and summits capped with snow, it is the perfect location for sailors and their guests to have the times of their lives out on the water. Whichever accommodation you choose to stay in in the area, you can be sure that you are going to come across a number of businesses that offers sailing excursions and classes in Windermere.



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