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The small but perfectly formed Lake District coastline

Lake District has a short coastline compared to other holiday regions in the UK, and while it may not match up to others in size, the landscape provides a much more subtle charm thanks to the long stretches of sands going along the shore. The flow of the tide is a daily concern for the sands which provides a dynamic landscape for anyone who like kayaking, providing a magnificent backdrop for the lake.

Duddon estuary is another location which many sports enthusiasts enjoy visiting. All the major water sports you would expect to find can be accessed from here and while beginners can go with the tide until they get the hang of this, experts can go against the rip for a thrilling experience.

Finally, Haverigg Point is another place you may want to see during your holiday because of the great estuary on the eastern side, where you can see great waves that form against the sand, and will hit near the lighthouse which work at a constant basis. You may enjoy a lunch or a dinner at one of the local restaurants while watching the wave trains making a modern sea kayaking very appealing.


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