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South London group try to claim the ‘Lake District’ name

The question of when is a lake not a lake has been raised by a group of people in South London who have pointed out that of all the famous expanses of water in the Lake District only one is actually a lake and all the others are tarns, waters or meres. SNTB, the South Norwood Tourist Board, is run by 4 friends, and they have sent an email to Cumbria Tourism, the county’s tourist board, saying that they have a greater claim to the name as they have 2 lakes.

Ian Bone from the SNTB, is adamant that they are totally serious regarding their demand that this area of Cumbria stops calling itself the Lake District thus allowing South Norwood, an area of Croydon, to use the name instead.

He says that people are astounded when they discover that the Lake District only actually contains one lake, and that tourists had been misled for decades and that the attractions in the area were also vastly overrated, adding that there was nothing to do if it rained as it was a gloomy area and as far as kids were concerned once you have seen one lake you’ve seen them all.

Cumbria Tourism have responded by saying that they are not taking the demand seriously and haven’t considered for one moment dropping the name. Ian Stephens, the managing director, said that until he sees any further instructions or notices from SNTB’s solicitors then he is simply not worrying about it.

He also suggested the possibility of a cultural exchange so he could go down and discover the delights of Croydon for himself, saying that he was sure the South Norwood ponds had their own merits and that it was rather flattering that they wished to emulate Cumbria’s natural environment, albeit in a more modest way.


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