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Spring in the Lake District

It is hard to think of a better time to visit the Lake District that the spring time, when the natural world starts to wake up after its long winter sleep. The Lakes literally come to life before your eyes in the spring, and with winter extending its welcome this year and delaying spring’s arrival, there is still time to enjoy the area in all its glory. Just walking through the lush green countryside is an absolute joy and you will see wonders of nature here that few of us get the chance to look upon in our every day lives.

Whether you choose to stay in one of the picturesque towns or in a more remote, countrified area there is much to see and do in the Lakes apart from admiring the flora and fauna that surrounds you in abundance. The many attraction on the actual lakes themselves may still be somewhat limited but there is always the opportunity of a boat trip and other water based activities that does not involve you entering the still icy waters.

As most of the attractions and activity centres tend to open at Easter, by taking a late spring break now you will benefit from these being available. Although people come to the Lake District all year round, it tends to be the hardiest of adventurers who take to the cycling and hiking trails during the winter months, but during the spring these are so scenic that they are an absolute must. With a massive choice of accommodation available, this could be the perfect time to take that springtime break in the Lake District that you have always promised yourself.



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