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A Touring Holiday of the UK

It sometimes seems to me that we all forget about the fantastic travel experiences that are available within the local area where we live. It’s so tempting to dream of far-off destinations, but it’s a shame to miss out on local highlights.

Here in the UK, we’re fortunate enough to have many different regions, each offering unique possibilities. If you’re intent on seeing more of the country, then how can you go about doing so?

I rather like the thought of being able to plan a tour, allowing me to see many different cities, counties and regions. Some might choose to make use of public transport to carry out such a tour, although it does seem to me that this may not be that easy.

The reality is that train and bus services aren’t always reliable. Of equal importance is the fact that relying on them would really limit options. There’s clearly an issue here associated with a lack of flexibility.

This increasingly leads me to look at campervan hire options, which would allow me to explore at my own pace. There’s also something charming about the thought of having my accommodation with me at all times!

How would I go about choosing an itinerary and selecting places to visit? I think that this is something that needs consideration and I’m tempted to suggest that I’d want to make the most of the freedom. I might have a few dates in mind when I wish to visit individual locations. This could be useful, for instance, in the case of meeting up with friends along the way.

I would largely, however, be looking at a blank canvas. I guess I would want my tour to be organic in nature.

There are clearly certain locations that I would wish to visit. I’d certainly be looking to include some days exploring the Lake District. There are great cities, such as Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff that would undoubtedly deserve visits too.

I don’t think, however, that I’d be looking to use the motorways to get about. A holiday of this nature isn’t really about racing around the country. Indeed, the actual journey would be part of the excitement here.

Whether I get my camper van from Hirebuddies or elsewhere, it’s pretty clear that I’d be looking to use slower roads. I want to see the villages, complete with their country pubs and village greens. These are real elements of life in this country that need to be explored.

When you’re next planning a trip to Greece, France, or Spain, take the time to think a little more about the UK. You’ll undoubtedly discover that there are many areas that you have not yet visited. Never forget that this country has an enormous amount to offer.

Author Bio

Keith Barrett writes on a range of travel subjects. He’s travelled widely throughout Europe, but believes that the UK is a great place in which to spend time.


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