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Taking a trip to Kendal Castle

If you need a fantastic place to travel to, Kendal Castle may be the destination you need, thanks to some of the greatest scenery in the region. From there, you get a magnificent view of the town of Kendal, which is nearby, and hosts thousands of people who mostly work in the tourism industry.

The castle itself is more than a historical monument, it is also the place where a lot of the royal family stayed and had various activities, including Katherine Parr, the last Queen of Henry VIII. The area around this castle is also a sight to behold, as it is filled with natural blankets and sceneries, a great place where you can have a picnic and look at both Kendal Castle and the town.

Inside this tourist location there is the Kendal Museum, where you can find exhibitions pertaining to the castle, and where various historical artefacts are exposed for the public to see. The display shows how this castle was constructed and reconstructed after some of the wars it was involved in, along with some of the interesting family history from people who stayed there. In fact, the museum itself is a great place for students to learn about history, and many schools in the area send children there to learn about local and global history.

On top of these, there is also the Parish Church which was constructed many centuries ago to serve the religious needs of the surrounding villages, and has breathtaking buildings around it, constructed in traditional fashion in order to reflect the importance of the church.

Green lawns also surround these buildings where grass grows undisturbed by farm animals or industry. Finally, the church also accepts many different events including weddings and photo parties.


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