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Visiting Cockermouth in the Lake District

Cockermouth in Cumbria is where the rivers Derwent and Cocker merge together, and flow under the Lake District Mountains. During the Industrial Revolution this was the source of power for weaving machines, although the people residing in this region are already used to cold and wet weather due to prevailing winds. They are definitely made of sturdy stuff but Cockers has come a long way since the revolution. It has been rejuvenated, restored, and re-baptised, and now, it sparkles with a fresh purpose.

The Market Place is also buzzing with life from old and new establishments, such as The Jennings Brewery, an old establishment in Cockers, which is still in perfect running condition. The Kirkgate centre, with its line of retail shops and a cinema club, continues to provide good business for the people in Cockers.

The town is conveniently served with good schools like St. Joseph’s RC, Fairfield, and All Saints’ CE. Families who are thinking of moving into this town won’t have difficulty finding a good school for their youngsters.

If you’re thinking of having a fun night out with friends, there are lots of pubs and hang out places to choose from. Popular places to visit are the Bitter End, Quince & Medlar, and the Coffee Kitchen. The old centre in the middle of the town is chock-full of ancient cottages, houses, and terraces. Visitors in the area will have a pleasant experience soaking in the medieval times. Victorian and Georgian frontages line up the streets of this historic town.

Price of dwellings in the area depends on the type of home you’re shopping for. A huge detached home may go for £350,000 up to £600,000. Elegant terraces and cottages can run from £125,000 up to £230,000.Or you if you’re patient enough to wait, you may even get lucky and snatch a modern three bedroom terrace for a very reasonable price of £124,995.




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