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Wonderful winter walks in the Lake District

A lovely walk of any length can be taken from the starting location of Rosthwaite. You can head out north towards Grange, to Watendlath in an easterly direction or follow the path of the river until you reach lovely villages like Seatoller or Stonethwaite where you can stop off for a bite to eat.

With the river walk, if you don’t get very far along, that doesn’t really matter. There are stones to step on to make small crossings and kids enjoying playing by the side of the river too. Almost hidden upstream just 10-15 minutes is the YHA Longthwaite with the local secret of the steps sloping downwards to the fairy circle. There you’ll find a wooden throne and be able to create a crown from sticks and moss that abound in the area.

For lovers of the great outdoors, the area near Longthwaite is as lovely as can be. Eskdale is the place to visit with copious woodlands and fells to explore. Walk up to the Giggle Alley from the village which has free parking, and then to the fellside just a few minutes walk away. There are also Japanese Gardens to visit to take in interesting plant life.

It is possible for the kids to make a den without upsetting anyone. The place is replete with small branches, moss and rocky outcrops that can all be used to begin making their little den. It’s also something that dad can get involved with creating with his children too, which makes it especially enjoyable.

Some of the bracken can be rough on the fingers though, to it’s a good idea to wear gloves and for the adult to use a knife carefully to cut away what is needed. For anyone who likes being one with nature or enjoys being around woodland away from the bustle of city life, this excursion is sure to be a memorable one.



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